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I Can Haz Fandom

but i eated it

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Created on 2009-04-15 22:54:06 (#73506), last updated 2009-05-12 (440 weeks ago)

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Name:I Can Haz Fandom
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a pan-fandom macro community
I Can Haz Fandom is a pan-fandom macro community.

What you can post here: macros of any kind, macro style icons, fake motivational posters and any other funny graphics you can think of. The only catch? They must be related to fandom in some way; either a specific fandom or fandom in general. So, for example, cat macros are okay as long as they're fandom cats. (Example: here).

How you can post it: Any macro larger than than 500x500 must be behind a cut. If you're posting more than one macro, only one 500x500 macro may be above the cut. If you like, you may tease with up to three thumbnails. If it's an icon post, you may tease with up to three icons; the rest must be behind the cut. Anything NSFW must be behind at cut with no tease.

Who's running the madhouse: [personal profile] telesilla. I'm incredibly relaxed about rules so if you accidentally post a 502x550 macro above a cut, I'm not gonna go all ban hammer on you or anything. :)

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chezeburgers, fandom, lols, macros
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